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The offering of T.R.N.® is not only limited to the production and delivery of packaging products, but also includes logistics services for the handling, packaging and storage of customers’ products, as well as shipping and transportation services.

By adding these service packages to production, T.R.N.® is able to offer its customers the real opportunity to outsource most of their post-production processes, from packaging to delivery to the end customer, and focus solely on the management of any after-sales services at their customers’ premises, such as product installation or technical support.

By relying on a tested and trustworthy partner like T.R.N.®, customers who choose to utilise these services can free themselves from a whole series of activities that, if integrated into a single business, require substantial resources that cannot always be easily optimised.

Through T.R.N.®‘s logistics and shipping, customers can leverage a solution that has absolutely no overheads and demonstrably generates definite and substantial economies that allow saving time in the execution of these processes and freeing up resources to be used in added value activities for their specific field of business.

The fact that the number of our customers who regularly make use of these services with full satisfaction is constantly growing testifies to the truthfulness of our statements.

Our current organisation and experience allow us to handle any type of product, from the largest and most cumbersome to the most fragile. We have practically no limits both in terms of weight and maximum size when it comes to the products we manage.