Industrial wooden crates

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Industrial wooden crates for packaging

T.R.N.® is specialized in manufacturing custom crates suitable for heavy, fragile and/or bulky goods, which require a high degree of protection.
Our industrial crates are always designed specifically for the product they need to contain; they are the result of customised studies or made as per customer requirements. The crates are made according to any configuration that complies with UNI standards and customer needs.

After conducting specific studies, there are no design or production limits in terms of the size that our customised industrial crates can reach or in terms of the weight they can bear. There have already been occasions when we have had to pack and manage the handling of items 35 m in length and 120 tons in weight, and we can even go beyond. Per le opzioni abbinabili ai nostri prodotti si veda l’apposita sezione.

For options that can be matched with our products, see the relevant section.