ISPM 15 Heat Treatment

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ISPM 15 Heat Treatment

The globalisation of markets has led to the intensification of trade between countries. At times, wood packaging material has been a source for introducing and spreading harmful organisms. It was therefore necessary to reduce the risk of possible infestation by introducing phytosanitary measures to prevent economic and environmental impacts on the world’s forests. Pre-shipment treatment is the phytosanitary measure adopted by the IPPC and it is the foundation of the ISPM 15 international standard.

In short, this standard stipulates that raw wood packaging is to be treated either by heat treatment (HT) or Methyl Bromide (MB) fumigation and subsequently certified with the IPPC/FAO mark. This mark requires monitoring through a certification system covering the wood packaging and treatments chain.

In order to carry out ISPM 15 heat treatment and the subsequent sterilisation of wood, the company has a special dryer with an extraordinary capacity (inlet opening of 14 m and net treatment volume of 176 cubic metres).