Folding crates

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Folding crates for packaging

Folding crates are crates that provide a good degree of protection to the goods contained, though less than that provided by industrial crates.

These are crates designed to be very versatile and they lends themselves to a wide variety of uses. One of the advantages of folding crates compared to industrial crates is that they take up very little space, and therefore allow optimising the space used for storage. They are also usually cheaper than industrial crates. They are great for spare parts.

They can be custom made ​​according to specific studies, although the range of standard sizes is very wide. After a personalised study, we determine the design or structural limits of our folding crates in terms of the maximum weight they can carry, while they can reach a maximum size of 5 m in length by 1.8 m in height.

The time to process an order is generally 10 days.
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